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Benefits Of Having A Cooler And The Best Option For The Beach

Having a picnic on a beautiful beach during summer is an activity we all love to do, and it becomes even more complete with delicious, cold food and drink options. At this point, the cooler turns up to make this dream come true. There is nothing much to argue about when it comes to the benefits that a cooler brings you when planning a future picnic. However, to be clearer, we’ve highlighted several of the benefits you should know about:

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Ease of Use

A cooler is literally a mobile fridge with no electricity requirement, as it works on the basis of maintaining the cold temperature inside. Hence, you could keep your cold food and beverages inside, cover them with ice, and keep them cold over a long distance and preserve them for a long time.


Efficient Cooling

The cooling effect from coolers is so efficient that you could rely on them for the storage of water, beer, other beverages, and even ice cream.

Prolonged Freshness

Thinking of long road trips? You will find good coolers extremely useful, as many of them can keep food and drink fresh for up to 7 days under warm and sunny conditions. Hence, there is no need to worry about the quality of your food and drinks, and you can prepare in advance when you are going to drive to a distant area with no available stores on the way.

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It is obvious that compared to a mini-fridge, coolers are much more portable. With the average size and weight of the coolers on the market nowadays, you could bring them anywhere and for various purposes, from camping and fishing trips, to picnics on the beach and much more. To make the carrying even easier, several manufacturers have added ergonomic handles on the sides or even four wheels underneath, which enable you to push or pull the device without effort.

The best cooler for a beach picnic: Coleman Xtreme Cooler

Coleman is one of the top cooler brands and are known for their coolers’ sturdy designs. One thing the customer appreciates is that it provides you with the quality of high-performance cooler, but the price is still reasonable.

There are several features that make this device great, particularly for the beach. For instance, its lid has cup holders, so you could keep your cups for drinking there.


In order to withstand the often hot and windy conditions of the beach, the Coleman Xtreme has thicker walls for better insulation, and it also has an insulated lid. The exact wall thickness varies depending on the model and the size of the product; however, in general, the walls on theColeman are around 1.5” thick. This design enables the Coleman Xtreme to maintain the freshness of your food and drink for up to 6 days.

A leak-resistant drain is another interesting add-on feature that helps make your cleaning easier and more efficient. Since melted ice is unavoidable, this function is a great support.

Imagine that you have some friends gathering around the beach, and there is no available seating;, in such an instance, you will thank Coleman for its Have-A-Seat Support Lid, which allows this device to turn into a temporary step stool or seat. The lid can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight.

When you are moving over steep slopes or the terrain is too rough, you will find Coleman easy to maneuver with its handle wheels. Therefore, when needed, you just have to lift the whole cooler off the ground.


The Xtreme Cooler is one of the Best ice cooler reviews for picnic purposes when considering both of the most critical factors: Performance and price.
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