Twitter Timeline - How much to show of a tweet in the future

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Twitter Timeline - How much to show of a tweet in the future

Post by Czorneboh » Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:43 am

Twitter wants to extend the length of a tweet from 140 to 10.000 letters/signs.

What do you think, how to handle this in the twitter timeline plugin?

It would be possible to stay at those 140 letters, which are showed for one tweet in the sidebar. Or should be showed the complete tweetd with up to 10.000 letters? This will make the lengths of the plugin box in the sidebar very long.

Perhaps the plugin could be developed in a kind, that the blogger can choose, hoch much of a tweet should be shown.

Hope, that I could explain clear enough.

I show the last 12 tweets in the sidebar of my blog. This looks quite good.

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Re: Twitter Timeline - How much to show of a tweet in the fu

Post by garvinhicking » Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:10 pm

We have no idea how and when and if this will be really implemented. If I were them, I'd keep the API at 140 characters, and put the whole tweet body into a complete distinct, new attribute. This way, clients could still work as intended with their character limit, and new clients could take care of a "read more" link.

This would be the way I'd prefer, if at all, to include it.

Having said that, I believe I might abandon Twitter if people picked up writing long tweets. I have RSS for that.
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