Click here to install a new sidebar plugin crashes

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Click here to install a new sidebar plugin crashes

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Clicking on the link in the admin that leads to: ... on]=addnew

causes the page to load up to:

Code: Select all

                    <ul class="serendipitySideBarMenu">
                        <li class="serendipitySideBarMenuHead">Appearance</li>
                        <li><a href="serendipity_admin.php?serendipity[adminModule]=templates">
and no further (i.e. the "Manage Sytles" nav item does not load - nor does anything after it).

This is running PHP 4.1.2 (default Debian install) on a vanilla install of Serendipity 0.8.0. The only non-vanilla component is that I imported my entries, categories, comments, and entrycat tables from an 0.7.3 install, since the script caused insane behavior. I did not import the config table.

Same problem for event plugins as well (I assume it is the same page). Any help? I am SO close to having a working 0.8.0 installation after painful bouts of bizarre behavior trying to upgrade from 0.7.3.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Click here to install a new sidebar plugin crashes

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The script is deprecated since 0.7, the script should also tell you that.

You seem to be facing a fatal PHP error, can you look up your apache and PHP error logs?

There seems to be a server problem...anyways, you NEED to upgrade your PHP to 4.3.10. It contains seroius bugs which can exploit nearly any PHP application badly. Anyone could use your serendipity install to gain access to your machine with the unserialize bug.

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Sure wish Debian would shorten their release cycles. Like I said, this was vanilla Debian 3.0. I found the 4.3.11 release here:

Upgrading to 4.3.11 resolved the problem completely. Anyone care enough to want to chase down the problem with 4.1.2?
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