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Re: ie and firefox

Post by garvinhicking » Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:14 pm


Do you have screenshots or a URL where to see the actual trouble? It should be fixable of course.

The newspaper-theme is one of the oldest themes, it has its code inside the layout.php file - you can change the HTML there. However, you might want to change your banner better via CSS in the style.css file, but that depends on what exactly you'd want to change.

The most compatible/best templates compatibility-wise would be 2k11 and bulletproof.
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Re: ie and firefox

Post by yellowled » Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:59 pm

garvinhicking wrote:The most compatible/best templates compatibility-wise would be 2k11 and bulletproof.
Maybe a little explanation as to why a lot of themes (including 2k11 and Bulletproof) don't necessarily display all sidebar plugins properly in all browsers:

Explicitly supporting all sidebar plugins in a theme would make theme development and testing extremely tideous and time-consuming. There are some plugins that most users just don't use, so most theme developers try to cover the most common ones only to save some time.

In an ideal world, all s9y plugins would emit “sensible” markup and all themes would have at least basic styles for the elements used in this markup so that the output would at least look decent. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. A lot of plugin authors like to add styles to their plugins in order to make their plugin's output look good or even work – unfortunately, it's next to impossible to make them look good and work in all themes that way (and it makes it even harder for theme developers or users to overwrite those styles provided by the plugin).

However, if you use a rarely used plugin and it does not look well in your chosen theme, you're going to have to add styles yourself. That's just how theme and plugin development has to work in a small community – can't cover everyone's bases. With that in mind, 2k11 and BP would indeed be the best choices since both offer the option to include a user.css to add your own styles which will also be safe in case of an update.

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