Ideas for staticpages2

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Ideas for staticpages2

Post by falk »

Hi everyone,

at weekend i wrote some ideas for e new staticpages-plugin. It will be a complet rewrite with more and other features. Garvin translate this list to english, so i can post it here (thank you very mutch). Please write your ideas and comments so i can begin programming ASAP.
(Dieser Text ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar!)
  • Staticpage Event plugin:

    General pages:
    * Is parent or child page
    * Every page can be translated to multiple languages
    * Every page can be assigned to a specific template
    * Every page can get an icon/picture associated to it (like author-images)

    or grouped pages:
    * A group consists of parent and child pages
    * Every page can be translated to multiple languages
    * All pages in a group can be assigned to a specific template
    * Depending on the selected language, different pages will be shown:
    * Default: current language
    * Every page can get an icon/picture associated to it (the same for all
    language versions)
    * Global settings (on/off) for
    * navigation (forward, next, ...)
    * password protected pages
    * show author information

    Choose publish status:
    * Draft
    * Accepted for publishing
    * Published

    * freelance author (needs approval by editor)
    * author (can flag entries to be publishable)
    * editor (different chief editors per language?)
    * can edit/publish pages
    * different assignments for authors <-> editors (an author has an editor, an
    editor can have multiple authors)
    * chief editor (can maintain the plugin and has editor permissions)
    * can create authors/editors
    * can define article types
    * can create categories
    * can assign templates
    * can assign different plugins to show as "pages"
    * can define style guides/sheets (interferes with WYSIWYG editor?)
    div-tags, styles etc. are stored in DB and are fetched via css event hook.
    Related to quotations and annotations like articles)

    A page consists of:
    * a group
    * a language
    * a page title
    * a page header
    * an introductory passage
    * a body text
    * can consist of multiple sections
    * each section has an author, an author can have multiple sections
    * a permalink
    * created like /staticpage/<language>/<name>.html // direct link to a
    * /staticpage/<name>.html // link to current language
    * needs to work with and without URL rewriting
    * article types: Article, aboutpage, ...
    * publish status
    * one or more authors (see above)
    * password protection

    Default page types:
    * article: usual article with text
    * aboutpage: Content index für child pages (see
    * text
    * category-related image

    Global configuration:
    * Assign a startpage (only valid for parent pages, should not be done via
    page creation)
    * Page order (language independent)

    Staticpage Sidebar plugin:

    * Select which group of pages to show
    * Toggle to show menu/graphics or text
    * headings are language dependant
    * remove showing amount of pages
    * toggle to only show parent pages
    * maintain languages via serendipity_event_multilingual plugin
    * integrate other plugins into navigation list (currently implemented in
    staticpage event plugin)

    More ideas:

    * Integrate event calendar in staticpages (date and header in sidebar, detailed
    information clickable)
    * Download articles as PDF

    Dependant plugins:

    * serendipity_event_multilingual (languages)
    * serendipity_event_userprofiles (author profiles)

Post by Guest »

integrate "Split long entries" plugin into static pages

thanks for your work,
Robert Ivanov
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Post by MySchizoBuddy »

thats a lot of work, :shock:
i still don't understand why is static pages so important beside the usual aboutme page. or a front page of a blog.
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Post by Wizard »

Maybe I can enlighten you. There are times when you want to present information that will be of certain topic or subject. This is information that is not date specific, hence the reason for wanting a "static page". It will not disappear as you continue to write snippets of more information. Think of it as a book, with various chapters. I know people will say categories solve this problem, and to some degree they do. But you can't re-order entries within a category (not without changing dates and the dates are again not wanted or needed). Instead of having one continuous stream of information (I see this with some blogs) making it hard to read, a lot of scrolling, it's better to offer navigation buttons. This was the reason that people asked for the prevous/next feature which you implemented. I understand that is what you can do with "plain" html pages and perhaps use the WrapURL as a wrapper to provide a cohesive look across your blog site, but if static pages can work, then why not? I know that blogging software has it's origins as a journal or diary type of web software, but it's evolving. Offering more features than just journaling is what makes s9y stand apart from the crowd and it's up to community to make requests of the programming world. "Build a better mouse trap..."
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Post by MySchizoBuddy »

how about ability to select which sidebar plugins to display on which staticpage
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Ongoing project

Post by mpfeiffer »

is the development of staticpage 2.0 further in progress. is there a version in the near future.

the multilanguage option is interesting and of course the integration of "split long entries" plugin


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