Podcasting Plugin not ready for PHP 8?

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Podcasting Plugin not ready for PHP 8?

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My hosting provider has just announced when they will switch the default PHP version from 7.4 to 8.0 and I've looked at s9y 2.4-Beta1 for the PHP support. Unfortunately as soon as I switched to PHP 8 all RSS feeds were empty. Onli gave me the hint of setting $serendipity['production'] (though I didn't know about debug) so I got at least a hint what went wrong. In that case the Karma plugin was to blame. So, i disabled it.

But then the podcasting plugin (from additional_plugins came up with errors (something about a preg_match in line 555 having a wrong subject. I looked ant found Code dealing with logging, so I commented that out, but now I'm getting a bunch of errors claiming 'undefined array key "display_dat"' in a lot of places.

In Short: I need Podcast support on my blog, so I can't just disable the plugin. Does anyone have a version that's working with PHP 8? The github seems a bit too silent to look like someone has worked there recently.

Thanks in advance,
www.compyblog.de, in case that helps
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