saving template config screen with 1.2.1

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saving template config screen with 1.2.1

Post by Timbalu » Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:46 pm

garvinhicking wrote:Ian: Please open a new thread for this, and describe what happens: Do I understand you right, you access the template config screen, change settings, save them - but they do not get saved to the database and are reset to the previous values?

Hi Garvin

Yes, thats right. I does not give me the previous values even, it throws me back to the default values. This might be because I tried to change templates now several times. The error after submit changes to pb1.1 template config is:
Dieses Template hat keine speziellen Optionen. Wie Ihr Template solche Optionen anlegen kann, ist in der technischen Dokumentation auf im Bereich "Configuration of Theme options" beschrieben.

Update: Fresh morning, new try - all problems vanished, sorry for the panic!


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