Plugin request: advanced search

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Plugin request: advanced search

Post by Fabien » Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:54 pm


I think that Serendipity is missing a true advanced search function.

What I would like:
1. The classic quick search on a sidebar with below a "More options" link.
2. The link will go to aa advanced search page with several fields:
- keywords to search
- scope of the search (titles, entries, comments - one or several of them)
- possibility to limit the search to some authors
- possibility to limit the search to some categories (and & or conditions)
- possibility to limit the search to a range of dates (less important)
- sort results by title, date of the entry, date of the last comment.

That's all! :D

A function like this exist in a lot of other blogging systems, for example in ExpressionEngine (see here an example), Wordpress with a plugin (see here an example), MovableType (see the documentation), and probably others.
So I am sure Serendipity users deserves it!

The problem, because there is a problem!, is that I am totally unable to do it. So if someone can…

Cheers, Fabien

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Re: Plugin request: advanced search

Post by garvinhicking » Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:40 pm


For any possible developer, have a look at the thread It should be sufficient to try to combine the functionality of the commentsearch and the customarchive event plugins.

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