Anson the Gnome

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Anson the Gnome

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Standard Bulletproof template, using green_style. I've made a few minor tweaks in user.css for font sizes, and to distinguish between site navigation links (that get no underline, but should be obvious as links) from content links (that are underlined, so you know when a post has links).

I also used the SVG version of the RSS icon to create an RSS link image that matches the color scheme; I tried initially with the PNG version, and tweaking pixels that way led to awful anti-aliasing artifacts.The main change I'm contemplating now is tweaking the colors to fit a theme generated by

Sorry that it isn't all that unique, but I've been really happy with Bulletproof and haven't felt the need to tweak it much.
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Re: Anson the Gnome

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Looking good Anson. I have used colors from the kuler site for inspiration in the past, so definitely let us know if you update your color scheme.