and the next church site

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and the next church site

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so, my parish has three churches and now I am nearly finished with the third one :-)

it uses the same structure, the same techniques and the same heavy use of static pages and related categories at the last ones (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7699), BUT a very different layout and style!

Attention: this site is still "test" and not published yet. So:

access is restricted: (user/pass) mrm/mrm

And I have to change the banner logo - I want to put some church photos into the banner. And of course still there is a lack of content :-)

and one feature is new, because now I have two other sites with content, so now I get the content from them:

On each church site I have local infos and information for the whole parish. articles of the last type has an additionaly category "PFARREI". I used the rss-feed of this category to show this infos on the bottom fo the startpage.

You would give me much pleasure, if you give a comment to my work, to the layout, the structure, or (if you understand german) even to the content. And if you have a idea to improve something, tell it!

And if you have a look at the parish-main-site it would be nice, to hear a comment, too.


Church one:
Church two:
Ciao, Stephan