Backup from SQL files

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Backup from SQL files

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I lost my original MySQL database on my Serendipity 2.3.5 and PHP 7.4.33 system.
So I try to reimport the SQL files:
as example 2023-11-14-18-48_CREATE_serendipity_access.sql
In total 68 sql are imported via a small script:

for filename in *.sql; do
echo $filename
mysql -u serendipity -p -D serendipity < $filename

However now I see some issues:
ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 12: Duplicate entry '1' for key 'serendipity_link_category.PRIMARY'

Also if I perform an integrity check I get:

Who knows howto get that fixed :)


Ps The Media Library issue is solved.. {2 dec}
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Re: Backup from SQL files

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Are you sure the database you fill there with the script is empty? If not that would explain the error -> there could already be a category with id 1.

For the integrity check: This might be a problem, it might not be. It is supposed to mean that the file got changed. Did you change them maybe? If not, have a look at the files, open them in an editor, and see if there is a difference to the originals of the install archive.
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