Trying to figure out how Comments/Subscribe to RSS work

Having trouble installing serendipity?
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Trying to figure out how Comments/Subscribe to RSS work

Post by jamfitz001 »

Hi. I've never used blog software before, so hope this is not dumb.

I installed serendipity into a subfolder (blog) on my website.
I used a Theme and modified some of the HTML to display my heading.

My proble is when I click on the link for comments (or the Subscribe link). It can not style the XML file. Err Message is: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

This is what I see in my URL window: ... ments.rss2

The blog is functioning and I can post to it. Working great. I'm guessing that somewhere I am pointing to "blog/index.php" where I shouldn't be and thus it cannot resolve that path and find comments.rss2?

But the way Serendipity looks for defaults...I'm at a loss. I see no 'feeds' folder anywhere.

Thanks if someone can give me advice/direction!
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Re: Trying to figure out how Comments/Subscribe to RSS work

Post by onli »

The message you see is the expected behaviour. That's in Firefox, right? The browser stopped rendering RSS files on its own, the result is what you see. It really does seem broken.

But the RSS feed is still working and useful: Visitors can add that URL to their feedreader, and then the feed reader will show new items when those new comments or entries appear in your RSS feed.

There is a PR open that would provide the styling the message mentions,, but it is currently stuck because the design has an incompatible license. But that license issue would not block you from applying it in your own, see the changes in and edit your blog files accordingly. I tested it only with the entry feed so far, but judging by the code it should work equally for the comments feed.
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