Displaying Categories?

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Displaying Categories?

Post by CuteCode »

So I am thinking this should be really simple. On some demos and templates it is already happening.

On my Serendipity blog I have my articles ready for clicking on the main page and they all then expand to a full article. No problem.

But also on that main page in a similar way to the RSS links appearing, I would like the list of Categories to appear. This seems normal for a blog and it seems like it would be a Plugin thing for Serendiptiy. But nothing I am trying seems to work.

I've installed the Bootstrap 4 theme and manually editing index.tpl and entries.tpl is no probs if thats what it takes here. I did also just do the simple installation to begin with, not sure if that matters here.

Thanks if you can help :)
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Re: Displaying Categories?

Post by onli »

Have a look into the sidebar plugins! :) There is a category plugin (serendipity_plugin_categories) that does exactly this, it shows a list of your categories and can be configured.
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