Problems during login to admin area

Having trouble installing serendipity?
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Problems during login to admin area

Post by Eloise_Pasteur »

I recently updated to 2.3.5 (I started last night, had issues, came back to it today).

I'm stuck on this one though (my user name and password are not as shown in the snippet)...

Code: Select all

#0  errorToExceptionHandler(2, Undefined array key “backend_login”, /home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/include/, 1143) called at [/home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/include/]
#1  serendipity_plugin_api::hook_event(backend_login, , ) called at [/home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/include/]
#2  serendipity_authenticate_author(user, password, , ) called at [/home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/include/]
#3  serendipity_login() called at [/home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/]
#4  include(/home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/ called at [/home2/eloisepa/public_html/blog/serendipity_admin.php:9]
Any advice? The front end works (the theme is messed up but that's ok) I can get to a login page if I click the admin link which seems ok, but then I get a white screen. If I enable debug mode, I get this...
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Re: Problems during login to admin area

Post by onli »

Is it possible that the server is using PHP 8.x? Serendipity 2.3.5 is not compatible with that version yet. 2.4-beta1 would work, and is what I'd recommend to use.
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Re: Problems during login to admin area

Post by huifleck »

That worked, thanks so much!
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