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Hi! 👋🏻

Presenting YellowLeds Weblog v2, which is my personal, German-only blog and at the time of writing looked like this:


Some data about it? Some data about it:
  • At the time of writing, it was running s9y 2.3.2 (I usually run the current stable release), PHP 7.3.11 and MariaDB 10.3.19. Hosted on Uberspace (U7), which I am very happy with.
  • The blog has been online since 2011-02-11, at the time of writing had 126 entries and 5 static pages, two of which I am required by German law to have. :roll: I am and always have been the only author. I'm not sure if that's the correct number of comments because I probably deleted quite a lot (spam), but the latest comment has the id 914.
  • Among other plugins, I use Spamblock Bee & Bayes, Freetags, Static Pages, Contact Form, Lightbox and the friggin' GDPR/DSGVO plugin. :roll:
  • The theme is a homegrown custom thingy because I'm a CSS nerd, and I enjoy doing that. For fun, I developed this theme "live", starting with a blank theme, which means that in February 2016, it looked like this. (Development took about a year overall. I still tinker with it a bit here and there from time to time. Actually thinking about a new look lately, not sure yet.)
  • This is not my first s9y blog. Its successor lived from … I wanna say 2005 or 2006 to 2010? … on a subdomain, but I decided to put it to rest. :twisted: (It was really ugly and full of posts about useless stuff not really worth keeping.)
  • This was supposed to be sort of a marketing tool (never really worked that way) back when I was still a self-employed web developer, that's why most of the articles are rather technical. Haven't really gotten around to switching back to "just casual blogging" so far, though. (I closed down my business about two and a half years ago.)
  • I don't track anything because I got tired of maintaining a Piwik (now Matomo) installation, so I ripped it out. But for the longest time, the most popular article was about Modernizr, a little piece of JavaScript for web devs that no one uses anymore.
  • For the same reason, I have absolutely no idea how many visitors or page impressions this blog has, and I don't really care, either.
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