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Hi everybody!

My German language blog is called, which roughtly translates to "net - rescue - law", my areas of expertise and interest and the topics I blog about (the most): the net, IT and software; emergency medical services; and law.

It has been started as a personal blog - kind of like a diary - in June of 2003 with Sunlog, a very featureless blogging engine, and been moved to Serendipity at the beginning of 2005. In later years - especially after relaunching the blog in 2014 - it has been focused mostly on technical posts: the "net" part. I've always blogged on my own webspace or server, using my main domain or a blog subdomain until 2014, where I moved the blog to its own domain.

I try to blog once or twice a week (mostly missing this goal lately ...), supported by some "series": a monthly link dump (called "surfing"), a report on my work around FOSS and the net every quarter, a list of the television series I've watched in the last six months two times a year and my yearly report on the books I read during the last year. There are currently 1.311 articles with 1.551 comments published, after 795 mostly irrelevant posts had been deleted in the relaunch. The blog attracts about 7.500 unique visitors per month with about 210.000 page hits every month. (104.08 KiB) Viewed 11754 times
I'm running the last released version of s9y, currently 2.3.2, with quite a lot of plugins and the standard 2k11 theme adapted to the look and feel (and color scheme) of my homepage. That's really quite easy to do, and I like that design very much.

For some years now I've switched to short "teaser" entries on the start (and search result) page by splitting my test into the "entry" and "extended entry" input fields hat s9y natively provides.
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