Going on four years with S9Y...

Here you can post your custom-made, pimped up Serendipity installations, show off what you have achieved and tweaked
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Going on four years with S9Y...

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I've had few troubles with the system - it has been easy to use and for the most part I leave it alone, upgrading occassionally. But I have been paying much more attention to my website lately, traffic suggests I'm getting to a point where it is worth investing a lot more time in. I'm trying to optimize it, beautify it, and only recently installed the SEO plugins allowing meta keywords and descriptions, etc.

I really can't thank the community enough for this CMS and I wish I was smart enough to contribute to its development.
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Re: Going on four years with S9Y...

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This is a nice glasses blog :)
The pink background is a little - uhm - femine :lol: