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Multi-category / authored blog

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:12 pm
by tpost
Hi everyone!

We've been running our blog on Serendipity for the past couple of months and we're quite pleased at how customizable it is!

We wanted something that would be able to handle multiple blogs that looked different.

Here are a couple of our blogs as an example:

I shouldn't really say "end result" because one can never be finished tweaking and refining!

Just wanted to thank those along the way that have helped in some way or another - especially Garvin, judebert, and Don. If i've missed anybody, I apologize!

Let me know what you think!

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:27 pm
by Don Chambers
All looking good. What is it that the clients log into?

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:10 am
by tpost
It's a services page where they can access items that they have subscribed to.

As you've probably guessed, that page isn't S9Y-powered! :wink:

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:15 pm
by garvinhicking

Thanks for posting those links. I so much enjoy to see when people use Serendipity to create something original, and use the customizability that we offer. This always makes my day. :-)

Best regards,

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:44 pm
by judebert
Nice looking blogs! I especially like that you're using Serendipity for podcasting. I may have to look into that myself...

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:16 pm
by tpost
Hey judebert,

I'm not doing anything special with the podcast.
If I had a plugin, I would definitely release it to the S9Y community!


It's pretty much a manual process right now.

I make a post on S9Y, take the link of that post and add it to an XML that I manually update, which would be the podcast feed.

The main change I've made is the [head] tag in index.tpl.

I find out if the category name a user is currently on is the podcast category and if it is, it will change the RSS feed link from the internal S9Y RSS to the Feedburner link.