The Serendipity Showcase

Here you can post your custom-made, pimped up Serendipity installations, show off what you have achieved and tweaked
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The Serendipity Showcase

Post by carl_galloway » Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:29 am

Hi all,

I thought I'd make this a sticky for the benefit of all users and abusers of this site.

Serendipity users put in a lot of effort on their blogs, they work hard to get their template just right, to use the perfect combination of plugins, they deserve to have their site showcased and commented on without having to deal with spammers who aren't using Serendipity.

If you post a thread in the showcase forum your site MUST be using Serendipity. If it isn't, your thread will most likely be deleted, and your account may be banned. It's a simple request, please honor it.