additional_themes templates updated

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additional_themes templates updated

Post by Timbalu » Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:09 pm

Due to the Serendipity 1.7 Series and up running Smarty 3, we have to be more precise in var naming situations. Most of that was already fixed in a very early alpha state 3 years ago in all serendipity core template files, but, in this case, was accidentally forgotten to be fixed in additional_themes templates.

We are sorry for this!

This just now came up these days, when trying to access the entries_summary.tpl, by /archive → "show headlines" links or via eg. /archives/2013/03/summary.html or /archives/2013/03/C3/summary.html.
The needed change is very easy (without -/+):

Code: Select all

-    {foreach from=$entries item="entries"}
-        {foreach from=$entries.entries item="entry"} 

+    {foreach from=$entries item="sentries"}
+        {foreach from=$sentries.entries item="entry"} 
We had to update several additional_themes entries_summary.tpl files. If you are affected by this, please change the file manually or load a fresh copy tomorrow via Spartacus.

These are the themes by their directory name, which in most cases is the same as on Spartacus!
  • GreenMile
  • Sagittarius-A
  • andreas06
  • andreas08
  • axcur
  • bex01
  • greenway
  • i3theme
  • kamouflage
  • mimbo
  • mo3
  • one_true_layout
  • pixel
  • plus9
  • splat
  • truth
  • xkur
If using a copy template please go the manual way.

Note: Several other themes where updated over the time because of new Smarty issues or other Serendipity bug fixes. Please make sure your copy template is up to date.

Serendipity Styx Edition and additional_plugins @ @

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Re: additional_themes templates updated

Post by garvinhicking » Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:46 pm

Good catch, thanks!
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Re: additional_themes templates updated

Post by Don Chambers » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:22 pm

I believe the template used for the s9y blog also needs to be updated.

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