The return of Bar Sinister...

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The return of Bar Sinister...

Post by Martin » Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:47 am

So I've had a think about my blog and decided to reboot. In that occasion I did a slight realignment (as all the cool kids call a minor redesign...) of the Bar Sinister theme.

This one is even more hacked to pieces than any theme I've done before to suit my needs. I thought one of my posts-soon-to-come might be a basic introduction to slicing and dicing your beautiful system.. ;)

Aaaanyway. Blog is live again, and Bar Sinister v2.0 (with three different flavors) is live for all but Internet Exploder. Comments are as always appreciated.


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Re: The return of Bar Sinister...

Post by garvinhicking » Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:35 am

Hi Martin!

I like it! Of course especially the credits. ;)

What I believe might need some work (cough, don't hit me) is the bottom part. For now it IMHO looks a bit unattached to the rest; it simply starts of below the content, using a different background color. Also the boxes end with a blue background before the gradient one and look odd-aligned on the bottom.

I generally love the idea of the extra-boxes at the bottom (seems to be a general motive currently), and your header in the small boxes simply looks awesome. :-)

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