Customise particular things in a template

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Jr Prod
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Customise particular things in a template

Post by Jr Prod » Fri Oct 20, 2006 6:30 pm

Hi everybody,

Although I'm using S9Y for more than 2 years, I've never tried to create a theme myself. But now I'm looking for something very specific, and I want to try to create one myself.

I would like something like Garvin's contest's theme. But I would like the line "Posted by Jr Prod dans Photogarden à 09:00 | Commentaires (14) | Rétroliens (0)" to be placed after the article and not just under the date and before the title (like in the competition's theme).

Could someone tell me where to manage that ?
I've looked in the index.tpl and the rss but I haven't found something specific to that...

Thanks !
Jr Prod

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Post by carl_galloway » Fri Oct 20, 2006 6:50 pm

Everything to do with the actual entry, including the line you're looking for, the entry title, entry body, extended entry, and the initial call to the comments and comment form are in the entries.tpl file.

Index.tpl sets the stage if you like, its the file that that creates the backdrop for all the other elements to fit into.
entries.tpl defines how the entry is styled
sidebar.tpl defines how each individual sidebar block is defined
comments.tpl arranges the way your comments are displayed
commentform.tpl arranges the comment form

This modular arrangement makes it really easy for template designers to focus on a specific area at a time without having to worry about whether a change here has affected something else there.

Good luck with your design, post a new thread in the showcase forum so we can all check it out once you're done.


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