Authoring suite templating

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Authoring suite templating

Post by Guest » Fri Jul 02, 2004 2:49 pm

Hi !
It looks as though the layout.php isn't used for the authoring and administration suites. I wanted my modified styles/layout also applied to this part of the site, but I had to edit :
  • serendipity_admin.php
  • serendipity_entries.php

to make sure everything was allright (in fact I grepped and then replaced everything so I'm not sure all this files have to be changed, but I'm quite sure the two first need to)
I was wondering if I missed something in the beginning (my philosophy : act first, ask questions after :roll: ). I also assume that each upgrade will overwrite my changes again ...

Thanks !
PS1 : I'm using v.0.6-pl2
PS2 : I changed the default theme, and after a while there were too many changes to track. So I build a new theme upon serendipity_v2. If you wanna take a look go to
If you wanna use the theme just go ahead and download it at
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Re: Authoring suite templating

Post by garvinhicking » Fri Jul 02, 2004 3:00 pm

You are right, our admin area is rather fixed. However you can style most things quite well with CSS.

As you may be able to spot, all the <body> tags have custom CSS ids (I hope this feature is already in 0.6, and not the > 0.6.1-CVS). Like the admin entries page has 'serendipity_admin_page'. So you could style that all in the styles.css file:

Code: Select all

#serendipity_admin_page h1 {
color: red;

and so on. Maybe that helps you?

On the long run, we need to implement a template which act similar to layout.php.

BTW, the files '' and '' are only there for backwards compatibility. On new versions those two files serve no purpose.

About your template: That looks very neat! I would love if you add it yourself to the list of our themes on -- that wiki page is also writeable for users. You can easily see how the other templates are inserted there, you can add yours...if you want, that is. :-)

PS3 : Garvin is gonna kill me (3 days => 3 questions)

Nobody does that for constructive feedback. I have fun answering those requests or questions, so never mind. :-)

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