Coppermine (once again)

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Col. Kurtz
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Coppermine (once again)

Post by Col. Kurtz » Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:37 pm

So I have implemented Coppermine into S9Y and now Ive got a question: I use a Kubrick based Theme, with a sidebar on the right. So the width for the photos is quite limited. My question is: Can I somehow get rid of the sidebar only for the gallery? I could put a "back to the site"-link above the gallery, thats easy in the Coppermine template.

The only Idea I have on my own is like using the 0.9 option to use different templates in different categories and use Coppermine without sidebar then. But as I see it, Coppermine will use the overall template and I would have to set all categories to a seperate template (with the sidebar), same for the static pages/guestbook/contact form.

Seems quite difficult.
here´s the gallery
and the overall site

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