Pull down menu below blog header

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Pull down menu below blog header

Post by Josh » Mon Sep 05, 2005 3:08 pm

Is it possible to create pull down menues for "Recent Entries", "Categories" and "Archives" and put them right below the blog header like
http://fistfulofeuros.net/ did with Movable Type?

I think such pull down menues below the header (or is it called blog banner?) would make our blog easier to navigate (uebersichtlicher).

I understand that "Recent Entries" is changing constantly, so that might not be possible yet with S9Y.
But what about "Categories" and "Archives"? I don't change my categories often, and I could add a link for a new month in the "archives" pull down menue manually once a month.

I am a newbee and don't know much HTML code at all. Therefore any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Pull down menu below blog header

Post by garvinhicking » Mon Sep 05, 2005 3:15 pm

You can do that with much CSS and some JavaScript already. Each plugin (also archives and recententries) has it's own ID, so you can use JS/CSS to push them around anyhwere you like.

You can also edit your templates' index.tpl or sidebar.tpl file to get more flexibility, if needed.

The problem is, you need to be skilled at HTML/CS/JS - it's not an issue of Serendipity per se.

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