Specifying .tpl's and Using Gradients?

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Specifying .tpl's and Using Gradients?

Post by JPTN » Wed May 04, 2005 3:45 am

I've tried to just use CSS to alter the colours and place background images as needed, however, I can't achieve the gradients in the places required.

Therefore, I think I need to get into the full TPLs and resort to tables to position the gradients and their rounded gradient corners at the right places. (Since you can't stetch background images in CSS.)

I've been using the simple Serendipity 2.3 theme so no TPLs were used. I've tried altering the index.php but am having mixed results.

Also, is there a way to limit the height of the right sidebar? I'd like it to just use up the space it requires, not follow the entire length of the blog.

Any help or information is appreciated. TIA.

I've got the HTML code to do what I need on a static page (with graphics, gradients positioned properly) that I've saved to my computer, now need to figure out how to embed those added DIVs into the template.

Does anyone know how to change the colors of those HRs [lines] (Serendipity 2.3 theme)?

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Re: Specifying .tpl's and Using Gradients?

Post by garvinhicking » Wed May 04, 2005 11:44 am

You do not need to change any PHP files. Just edit the index.tpl files and others of a template. There are detailed instructions at our wiki on http://www.s9y.org/44.html, please read those.

There you can also affect the height of the sidebar with the CSS serendiptyLeftSideBar ID, or edit the sidebar.tpl template if you need finer control.

The colors of the <hr>s can also be changed via CSS:

Code: Select all

hr {
color: red !important;

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