Tweaks for [bulletproof]-entries.tpl

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Tweaks for [bulletproof]-entries.tpl

Post by mad-manne » Wed May 20, 2009 12:20 am

Hey there @ :D

After some testing with other templates I think I'm finally stuck with bulletproof. Anyway I have found some minor optical "oddities", while using the diverse options related to the entry-footer.

:?: The "problem"
Let me explain, what I'm talking about ...
... if you make use of the option "Show author in the entry footer" and set that to No, the entry footer will look something like this:
Entry with no category assigned wrote:at 17:25
Entry with category ... wrote:in Some Category at 17:15
As you can see, the term Posted is missing in both cases.

Another "issue" arises, if you set all of the following three options to No
  • Show author in the entry footer
  • Show categories in the entry footer
  • Show timestamp in the entry footer
In this case, you will find the separator | before Comments and/or Trackbacks, even though there is nothing preceeding that separator. And finally the same separator will appear if the only thing you display in the entry-footer are trackbacks ...

While I must admit, that at least some of these issues are rather "artificial", I said to myself ... let's try to make it even bullet-proofer 8)

:idea: The solution
I have no idea, whether my changes will ever make their way into the bullet-proof template, but I thought I'd share my changes anyway.

First of all, we'll have to add a lang-CONSTANT ...
... remember you'll have to translate the new term to your local language!
  • lang/
  • lang/UTF-8/

Code: Select all

@define('POSTED_BY', 'Posted by');


Code: Select all

@define('POSTED', 'Posted');

The other changes affect /templates/bulletproof/entries.tpl
As there is quite a bunch of changes to make to that file, I decided to offer them as the "tweaked" file and a DIFF to easily see the changes made :wink:

Here are my files:
I am not sure, whether my "heavy" {IFs} will have any effect on the performance, but I have tested this locally and at least i couldn't find any errors.

Hope this can be useful for anyone else than me :roll:
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