Hardcoded directory name in remote rss

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Hardcoded directory name in remote rss

Post by Ralf » Sat Jan 29, 2005 12:47 am


Today I switched from the 404 error document archive handling to a PATH_INFO solution. That required removing or renaming the folder "archives" in order to create a file named "archives". No problems with that so far.

But I realized that the plugin "serendipity_plugin_remoterss.php" uses the directory "archives" as cache dir. Maybe it would be better to use another name (like "cache") for that folder. That should prevent conflicts if s9y comes with an own PATH_INFO URI feature in the future.


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Re: Hardcoded directory name in remote rss

Post by garvinhicking » Sat Jan 29, 2005 1:05 pm

Upon Serendipity installation, it is made sure that the 'archives' folder exists and is world-writable, so apart from the 'upload' directory that is the only directory after installation where we are sure that we can write there. Creating a new directory can easily fail if the parent directory is not writable to the webserver user...

In 0.8 we could use the new 'templates_c' directory, though...but that does not really sound like a location for 'cache'.

BTW, the blogpdf uses the same directory to write its files to.

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