New Plugins: Freetag and Multilingual

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New Plugins: Freetag and Multilingual

Post by garvinhicking » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:07 pm


Today I created two new Plugins and added them to our 'additional_plugins' CVS module ( for more instructions). Since SourceForge lags about 24 hours, it will maybe get available tomorrow latest.

"Freetag" allows to tag an entry with custom categories, which don't have to be predefined. So you can add something like an "index" to your entries. The plugin also allows to browse through a list of all entries having a certain tag, as well as a sidebar plugin which displays all available Tags. Those tagged entries are also retrievable via RSS.

The second plugin "Multilingual" allows to create multiple language versions of an entry by yourself. So you have total control of translated versions in multilingual blogs, without having duplicate entries. A smal link for each entry shows in which languages the entry is available.

Both plugins only work with the latest 0.8 Development snapshot of Serendipity and are still a bit experimental. But anyone looking for this functionality for some time may want to look at it.

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