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Fixing issues in multilingual plugin

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:48 pm
by stephanbrunker
At the moment, I am in close combat with the serendipity_event_multilingual plugin, version 2.35 . I have updated my Serendipity to 2.3.1 and there are these problems:

If I am on a later page in the blog, like and change the language, everything is correct, but only until I click on one of the previous/next buttons, then it goes haywire, it jumps back to the default language, but a few elements (the link to the home page and the headline of the language chooser) remain in the second language. I have fixed some bugs before, but unfortunately I don't have any idea where to start looking for this bug. Probably the same bug is in combination with serendipity_event_entrypaging plugin. This one shows the right, translated names for the next entries, but after clicking on these links, it is the same: article shows in default language, with other elements partly translated and partly not.

And then I realised that the serendipity_event_customarchive plugin doesn't work with multilingual at all. If I am on the archive page and change language, it jumps back to home, and if I change language first and then open the archive, the language goes haywire like on the other bug, with parts translated and other parts not. But in no case it shows the translated articles.

If I could wish for something: Because only some of my posts are in two languages, I'd like to have a static line with a link to the archive only in the 2nd language and then the archive showing only the posts where the 2nd language is available. So, a visitor using the 2nd language can jump to a list with entries in his language, even if the most recent entries in the regular blog aren't translated.

I am not shy to do the bugfixing and programming myself - which is a major advantage of OpenSource software - , but I need some hints where to start from someone who knows how the multilingual plugin works.


And to the link: I presume that I can implement that in the template, with something like "if page = start page and languageSelected = 2nd language" and inside that the html of the line. Does anybody knows how that pseudocode has to be written in the real template language?


Oh, an the scrambled language problem after the two bugs above is persistent after a closing an reopening the browser. You can fix that only by changing the language twice again to default.