Contact form + Spamblock bayes

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Re: Contact form + Spamblock bayes

Post by Timbalu » Fri May 06, 2016 1:33 pm

Well, I found that updated file in my dev repo and did not want to forget about it.
yellowled wrote:“Standard” as method
IMHO should be JSON - is much cleaner and not so much obfuscated - say less error prone.
yellowled wrote:I never used a Windows 10 Beta nad I never do any blog-related stuff on a Windows machine. All my blogs, even the dev blogs, are on Uberspaces that run on CentOS 5.
Yeah I know - but you yourself said that...
yellowled wrote:I can actually – kind of – reproduce it on Windows 10. Even in Chrome.
I just wanted to state, that I could not reproduce this on Win7... and contactform, ever. Win10 is a rolling "beta"... :)

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