Questions about contactform plugin

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Re: Questions about contactform plugin

Post by onli » Mon May 11, 2015 2:31 pm

yellowled wrote:
Timbalu wrote:I found an easy solution by setting nugget case spawnMulti to true and using the upper called Spawnnugget() js function not being initiated by core CKE instances. Any thoughts?
I never fully understood the whole “spawn the WYSIWYG editor” part of out core JS, that's more onli's part. onli, thoughts?
I'd have to see it in code, maybe in a commit or a branch, depending on the amount of change.

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Re: Questions about contactform plugin

Post by yellowled » Mon May 11, 2015 2:36 pm

Timbalu wrote:Its not the span - its the p, which kicks that out.

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<p class="msg-success"><span class="icon-ok-circled" aria-hidden="true"></span> {$plugin_contactform_sent}</p>
Do you have more instances in mind where this could happen?
No, but that does not mean that there are no more. :) I always assumed that these would never contain HTML because most of them contain lang constants which usually don't contain HTML. And if it's easier to just change the p to a div here … this is a grey area where we can not be sure that a p is always the semantically sound element anyway.
Timbalu wrote:I'd say: either change back to div, or use {$plugin_contactform_sent|replace:'<p>':''|replace:'</p>':''}
Or as a third possibillity use 'text' instead of 'html' for that field in contactform.
Well, having HTML in that field is not really the issue. The issue is the surrounding p element, because that leads to nested paragraphs which is invalid which leads to the display error. It would, however, be perfectly okay to set the content of said field to

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You email was sent. We'll <em>try</em> to get back to you soon.
So I think I'd prefer the Smarty solution above.
Timbalu wrote:Wouldn't there be a css only solution too?
I don't see one, and as I mentioned above – it's invalid HTML anyway.

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