[spamblock_bayes] missing token within mail-notification

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[spamblock_bayes] missing token within mail-notification

Post by bernd_d » Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:33 pm

Currently it is possible to delete or approve comments from within notification-mails without logging into s9y because there is a comment_token_xxxx for authentication. This is working good so far, but this token is missing for bayes-links to train comment as ham or spam.

Code: Select all

Folgende Möglichkeiten stehen zur Verfügung:
  Hinweis: Dieser Kommentar wird ohne Bewilligung nicht dargestellt.
   Kommentar ansehen -- /s9y/archives/1306-neue-Smilies.html#c2695
   Kommentar löschen -- /s9y/delete/comment_token_cy24kjljkl32424lj342/2695/1306-neue-Smilies.html
   Kommentar bewilligen -- /s9y/approve/comment_token_cy24kjljkl32424lj342/2695/1306-neue-Smilies.html
   Kommentar löschen und als Spam markieren: /s9y/index.php?/plugin/learnAction&action=delete&category=spam&id=2695&entry_id=1306
   Kommentar bewilligen und als valid markieren: /s9y/index.php?/plugin/learnAction&action=approve&category=ham&id=2695&entry_id=1306
Would it be possible to include this token there too?

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Re: [spamblock_bayes] missing token within mail-notification

Post by onli » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:58 pm

Hm, strange. I remember that already working, but yes, it's the same for me.

Bayes would have to copy the mechanism to use the token, but it should be possible.

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