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Rename plugin Photoblog Entries

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:33 pm
by ed587
I am re-installing plugins and want to rename "Photoblog Entries" to "Post Index" or something similar. When I call up serendipity_plugin_photoblog in Configure Plugins in the Admin Suite it does not give me the opportunity to edit the name. Sorry if this has been answered, I did search for it.

Re: Rename plugin Photoblog Entries

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:13 am
by Timbalu
You can't do this by any option, since it is defined as a constant, a global available var:
@define('PLUGIN_PHOTOBLOG_TITLE', 'Photoblog Entries');
But you can change the name in there (2cd part) in the plugins/serendipty_plugin_photoblog/ file inside the plugin itself. This is IMHO easier than to rebuild the plugin adding an option for this case.

Btw, I can't see why you use this plugin at all. I do not know it by myself, but as far as I see it was designed to have some sort of a photoblog. Yours are normal entries, based on text, with some images included. The only real addition it gives you by now, is the entries linklist in the sidebar.

As far as I can see the plugin (event and plugin) is normally used to associate a (small thumb) image with an entry. It also shows that preview or the full image in the entry itself, when shown on frontend. This is not a normal MediaLibrary placement behaviour, with left center right and linked targets etc., it is just centered and not linked. This is, since it is used to associate an image, which then will be used as a link preview to that entry in the frontend sidebar. For the sidebar, the serendipity_plugin_photoblog options let you choose to show that associated image entry preview link only, or other text based entries too.

To have a link list of entries in the sidebar, we also have the serendipity_plugin_recententries, or serendipity_plugin_showentries, or even serendipity_plugin_popularentries plugins (in Sidebar Plugins) available. At least some of them have options to change the sidebars title. I think using one of them for your purpose, seems to be more recommended.

Re: Rename plugin Photoblog Entries

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:40 pm
by ed587
Thanks again Ian!

I wasn't aware of those other plugins, serendipity_plugin_recententries is perfect. I'm using it without the date to create a post index.