serendipity_event_g2embed - conflicts with S9y 1.7/Smarty3

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serendipity_event_g2embed - conflicts with S9y 1.7/Smarty3

Post by Timbalu » Fri May 24, 2013 7:31 pm

The Plugin serendipity_event_g2embed including the G2 Image Framework with Serendipity 1.7 will not work, since G2 is using the (old) Smarty2 for its templates.

To get around this, we would need to upgrade Serendipity to work with PHP 5.3 and up only, which could make use of isolating Namespaces to expose / encapsulate the Serendipity use of Smarty3. We are sorry for this and can hope that upcoming S9y 2.0 "may" will support Namespaces and additionally Smarty 3.2, covering to use namespaced classes, their static variables and constants in templates with some extended syntax.

How to proceed - either:
  • Include the page via the wrapUrl or other Serendipity Plugins and define some CSS to make it fit to your template
  • Upgrade your G2 to G3, which is not making use of Smarty any more - and include it via some other nugget Plugin
  • Find a way around Plugin usage and include the sample code from ... 3_rest.php in your template, e.g. using a capsulated Staticpage.
Some more links and samples can be found in this (german) thread: ... 0&start=15

Serendipity Styx Edition and additional_plugins @ @

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