oEmbed Plugin with Flickr link

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oEmbed Plugin with Flickr link

Post by lfrantzen » Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:09 am


I really like the oEmbed Plugin, very useful! One comment here w.r.t Flickr links:

When I give oEmbed a link to a picture at at Flickr, the picture is displayed correctly and has the picture name as its tooltip. What I miss here is that the picture itself links back to its place at flickr (which is exactly the link I give to oEmbed to retrieve the picture). Currently the picture is not linked at all.

Another issue here is that I guess that this violates Flickrs community rules, which say that pages which link to Flickr must provide for each picture or video a link back to the corresponding page at Flickr.
I only have here the German text at hand right now:
Seiten anderer Websites, die auf flickr.com gehostete Inhalte zeigen, müssen für jedes Foto oder Video einen Rücklink zur entsprechenden Seite auf Flickr enthalten.
See http://www.flickr.com/help/photos/#2265887

So adding a backlink may be necessary anyway?

Thanks for the good work,
a nice weekend,

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