added users caught in spamblock bayes

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added users caught in spamblock bayes

Post by ju » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:31 am

Several people contacted me because they could not register as authors in my blog. I checked and did not find anything in the logfiles, neither apache-log nor spamblock-log and spamblock bayes log (and added them "by hand" if applicable).

Now I tried myself and found that everytime I enter the requested letters / digits, I get new captchas and the text says: "You did not pass the anti-spam tests. Please check if you entered the CAPTCHA correctly." (I really think I did)

Then I looked in the admin-interface at "spamblock bayes" and found my attempts in the spam. Maybe it was not a good idea to use the nick "test3" ;) anyway: I "restored" the entries and now I have them in my "comments" list (where they should not be in my opinion). But, as no notification mail was sent, the registration will not work.

Is there a way to protect the user-registration from too much abuse and still make it work? (I used to run it withough spam-protection for a long time, but started getting several dozens of abusive registration attempts every day, so I turned on "use captchas")

What really amazes me is why I don't find the attempts in my apache-log.

I am using s9y 1.6.2, Spam Protector and Spamblock Bayes are installed.

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Re: added users caught in spamblock bayes

Post by Timbalu » Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:57 pm

If you want spamblock to listen on sent captchas, place it after the sending plugins (and save the plugin list). In this order: User Self-Reg, other Captcha related Plugins, Spam Protector, for example.

Please also read solution for the second part here:

Serendipity Styx Edition and additional_plugins @ @

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