event_user_gallery - enhancement wish

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event_user_gallery - enhancement wish

Post by Czorneboh » Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:21 pm

Hi everybody!

There is the opportunity to restrict access to dynamic or static entries, but not to parts of the media library, so far as I know.
So there is a discongruence betweetn textures and media according to access rules.

It would be nice to have in the user-gallery-plugin a function for excluding folders with media, which should not be shown in the media gallery to the visitors.
Since there are quite many sections in my gallery on my blog, at least for the first level (and all folders below this level). There is a structure consisting of 3 levels in some cases.

There are media intersting only for special articles, but not in a gallery. Or media, which are intended for articles, for which the access could be restricted.

I have a group of participants for an event/trip. I use to shoot pictures and do some audiorecordings. With the participants I want to share this material.

Of course there are social networks and galleries, which I can encode and give the keys only to whom I want. But I want to have the participants/recommenders to have on my website for picking up the material, a pull-solution, not a push-solution.

Or is there already a solution without the need to develop this plugin? I do not know any.

I do not want change the gallery. I guess, that would bring me much work to do.

The best would be to would be able to regulate access to any existing media folder. But at least for every whole branch.


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