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Re: understanding spamblock bee plugin...

Post by blog.brockha.us » Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:09 pm

Found the problem..

Janek added a constructor to the plugin that is not compatible with the s9y plugin framework :? :

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    function serendipity_event_spamblock_bee() {
Replace this line with these two lines and the plugin will save its configuration correctly again:

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    function serendipity_event_spamblock_bee($instance) {
        $this->instance = $instance;
I will put an update to Spartacus fixing that.


I thing, because of changes made for PHP5 it is a very bad idea to add constructors to plugins, as the code for constructor inheritance is not safe over all PHP versions.

At the moment


would work, but it the S9Y framework is updated to PHP5 with new constructors, this code would crash.

This is a question for the PHP gurus (I am not! :lol:). How do we assure constructor inheritance working? By always using old style constructors?

The fun part: Even the plugin framework itself is not using constructor inheritance but is reproducing the constructor code instead (as I did for the bee fix).

(OOP in PHP is a complete mess IMHO..)
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