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Re: guestbook.html does not generate

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:17 am
by kleinerChemiker
kleinerChemiker wrote:First I would try changing the URL-Rewrite to non and back again to .htaccess. This should generate the proper .htaccess file.

Re: guestbook.html does not generate

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:00 am
by Timbalu
ed587 wrote:Okay, deleted the .htaccess file. Uploaded 1.62 over the old version saving the serendipity config file. Edited the serendipity config file to reflect 1.62.

Guestbook still gone and archives don't work. Any ideas? Anybody?

.htaccess file was not generated with upgrade
As I said, its not a matter of the guestbook plugin. It is a matter of your installation at all.

You still are using: Serendipity v.1.4.1

Keep in mind:
- FTP upload using 'binary mode' or 'auto' with a modern FTP version...
- Are all needed files world writable?
- You don't really need to keep anything, except using a modified template which still has its old name.... Do not keep as this and its new uploaded file is needed for an upgrade, just keep your in a safe place at home, which is just for paranoid reasons, if something really went wrong.
- The former mentioned way to update the htaccess via mode_rewrite off/on is the best way to automatically create a new one.

From FAQ (upgrading is #A18):

What are the file permissions required to run Serendipity?

Serendipity's installation usually ships with propper permissions within the tarball.

Upon installation, Serendipity needs to create the files .htaccess and That is why the core directory needs to be writable for your webserver user (775 or 777 on some installations). Those two files will then be created in a way, that Serendipity can always write to those files later on. It needs to be able to do that for upgrading purposes - so leave those files writable after installation. You can then re-adjust your core directory to be only executable for the webserver user (i.e. 755).

Then serendipity needs to be able to constantly have write and privileges for the directories templates_c, archives and uploads plus all the files contained there. templates_c is an empty directory when installing Serendipity and it holds the compiled Smarty Templates. archives holds additional temporary files, and uploads contains your media files. Always set those folders and files to be writable for your server.

If you are planning to use Spartacus, you also need to make the plugins directory writable for the webserver user, so that plugins can be downloaded to that directory. Also make templates writable for the webserver if you plan to download additional styles via Spartacus. The Spartacus configuration offers you an interface to tell which permissions (chmod/chown) it shall perform for those downloaded files.

To sum it up: After installation, the only permissions you may want to adjust are those of the core directory, which you can set to 755 (of course this depends on your user/group configuration - you need to know that on your own).

If you're especially paranoid, also change the and .htaccess files to be only readable for the webserver. But then you need to remember to make those files writable when you upgrade Serendipity!

Re: guestbook.html does not generate

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:19 am
by Timbalu
ed587 wrote:permalink is /serendipity/pages/guestbook.html (permissions on the pages folder is 755)
Permalink is OK.
Oh, ...and I just noticed that parenthesis... The pages folder is virtual only. It does not exist in real and can't get a permission. (Maybe you have created that dir by your own? This could cause problems...) The htaccess is the file creating this virtual directory on demand sending all generated html on that link.