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[serendipity_event_imageselectorplus] wrong link for thumb

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:11 am
by bernd_d
It seems, that serendipity_event_imageselectorplus produces wrong code for frontend...

If i use the gallery-ability, i get following code in html

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<img width="100" height="150" src="//uploads/Urlaub/2012-06-Kroatien/DSC_6593.serendipityThumb.JPG">
and thumbnail isn't shown.

If i remove one of the slashes within chrome-inspector

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<img width="100" height="150" src="/uploads/Urlaub/2012-06-Kroatien/DSC_6593.serendipityThumb.JPG">
the thumbnail is shown.

Don't know when this problem occured first time, but with version 0.31 it happens.

Re: [serendipity_event_imageselectorplus] wrong link for thu

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:23 pm
by bernd_d
If someone is searching for this problem...

I had to remove the slash in file /plugins/serendipity_event_imageselectorplus/plugin_mediainsert.tpl from line 9 between {$serendipityHTTPPath} and uploads/

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<img width="{$medium.thumbwidth}" height="{$medium.thumbheight}"  src="{$serendipityHTTPPath}uploads/{$medium.path}{$}.{$medium.thumbnail_name}.{$medium.extension}" />
For me it seems to work again now.