Plugin CommentSpice 1.0 released

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Plugin CommentSpice 1.0 released

Post by » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:03 pm

Today I released my "plugin playground" CommentSpice to Spartacus.

CommentSpice enhances the comment area of your S9Y blog. It adds extra inputs: The commenter can add his twitter or identica name, and advertise one of his last blog posts. You can configure how many comments he has to have written to be allowed to use the CommentSpice features.

A "playground feature" ;) is the possibility to add sound comments using audioboo (optional of course, like anything the plugin does).

CommentSpice enhances the anti spam mechanisms of the blog, too: It implements a honey pot, that seems to be *very* effective in the tests we did. It is my first AntiSpam wall now, second is the Bayes plugin. Since using the honey pot, only very few comment spams have to be handled by Bayes. As the honey pot doesn't need any database, it adds only very little to the blog load.

It should work with any template but it is "smartified". I have added an example patch for 2k11 making the comment area look a lot better together with comment spice.

For people understanding German, i have added some articles about this plugin in my blog (you can see it in life action there, too.):

About the plugin
The honey pot
and the release note.

The plugin should be available at Spartacus tomorrow. Have fun! :mrgreen:
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