Lightbox plugin partially broken in s9y >= 1.6

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Lightbox plugin partially broken in s9y >= 1.6

Post by yellowled » Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:53 pm

Some parts of the lightbox plugin don't work properly in s9y >= 1.6, most likely related to jQuery being included in those versions of s9y:

* Thickbox includes it's own jQuery version, which is not only redundant but also produces "side effects" in 2k11's smallscreen navigation (and elsewhere, at least potentially)
* prettyPhoto also includes it's own jQuery version, but I haven't found any side effects (yet)
* Greybox doesn't seem to work any longer – in my local test blog, it doesn't put the bigger version of an image into the lightbox iframe, but a small version of the whole page; that, however, might actually be 2k11-specific

At least the first ones should be addressed, no no 1.6-blog should load 2 versions of jQuery.

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