cronjob scheduler: bad typo in command line

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cronjob scheduler: bad typo in command line

Post by lama » Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:42 pm

hm i think theres a rather nasty typo in the cronjob scheduler command help line.
it says:

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you should add this to your crontab:

5 * * * wget http://yourblog/index.php?serendipity[cronjob]=all.

first of all i would remove the dot at the end, i dont hink it should be there.
second: all my cronjobs have 5 columns for time, not 4. could it be theres one missing?


ok i see, theres an option for execution every 5 mins, so the cron-entry should perhaps be:

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*/5  * * * * wget http://yourblog/index.php?serendipity[cronjob]=all

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