Amazon Media button update (amazonchooser)

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Amazon Media button update (amazonchooser)

Post by mgroeninger » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:47 am

Hi All,
Just letting everyone know that the Amazon Media button plugin was updated in CVS today. It should work its way to Spartacus in the next 24 hours. This plugin makes significant changes that users need to be aware of.

First and foremost, the old versions will stop working August 15, 2009. Amazon will create intermittent outages for the old version starting Aug. 10th. Please see this link:

Secondly, because of changes in policy the new version no longer ships with an Amazon developer key. To use the plugin you must create a developer account. The "documentation_en.html" file that comes with the plugin has some instructions on how to sign up, and you can find additional information here:

Now, the new plugin has some features to make up for this:
    Templated, and respects template specific files.
    Completely localized. If you find a string that isn't, let me know and I will update it.
    Now supports pricing/availability information.
    Dynamic updates with information cached for 24 hours.
    Supports WYSIWYG editor.

If anyone has any problems with it, please let me know!

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