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Admin backend: Buttons not working

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 11:09 am
by Huhu
The log-in to the admin backend works as intended, but the menu buttons in the admin area don't react to clicks, with a reported current firefox and Win7 or Win10. s9y version is 2.3.4
Strange thing is, it works fine here with both Opera and current FF ESR on OS X 10.11.

Due to Corona, I couldn't check the user's set-up myself, but guided him as well as possible to de-activate AdBlockers and such. So I am left a bit clueless now, since an error.log is not stored.

Does anyone have encountered a similar issue, and how to probably fix it / trace the error?

Re: Admin backend: Buttons not working

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 12:18 am
by onli
Which buttons exactly? "The menu buttons in the admin area" sounds like the navigation buttons. Those are regular links - they can not break if their HTML markup is correct. You should inspect the links itself in your browsers, is the HTML correct, is the set domain the right one?