how do i solve this?

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how do i solve this?

Post by badminton » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:32 am

when i install and enable both plugins, the html code of the navigation links, that entrysplit creates, are converted to normal text.

i tried changing the order of the plugins (i dont use caching) and playing around with the options of textwiki ("Html" and "Entities"), but that did not help.
i noticed that the nl2br seems to have the same problem, when textwiki is enabled, but ive removed it, because textwiki converts linebreaks too, so nl2br is redundant anyway.

i skimmed through the code of both, but since textwiki is quite big, i was not able to spot anything.

edit: the geshi plugin has the same problem... so its definitely a problem with textwiki.
im quite sure im not the first one experiencing this... how do i solve this?

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