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IOS sourced image orientation on page

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:11 am
by Gryphen
Hi Guys,

this has probably been discussed before, but other than references to EXIF etc I haven't found a way to solve this issue automatically.

I have started using Popfetcher to retrieve posts I send to a specific email address, so that it makes it easier for me to create posts from my phone whilst travelling.

I now create a quick email add a couple of images from my iPhone and then post it, then click on a Popfetcher url on my phone and let it do its think back on my little NAS (which hosts my blog) this all works, except that every image I send from my phone is orientated clockwise 90 deg.

From my reading it seems its to do with how the IOS handles the image with EXIF data so it doesn't need to redraw the image for the correct orientation and use up a lot of processing power when doing it..

Most times this wouldn't be an issue, except now I find that if I go in and correct it through the media library, it will be corrected on any computer that views my blog... but for evey view upon an iPhone the image is now rotated the wrong way, if I were to leave the image unrotated, it would be rotated incorrectly on a computer but fine on an iphone.

Of course I also upload entries from a laptop so there are times where its easy to correct, but my plan is to travel a lot and involves being beyond connection range a fair bit so the whole point is to 'send' emails and then when in contact they get transmitted and I set off Popfetcher and it will create the entries automatically.

Seeming half the world uses a phone and theo ther half a computer... how do I fix it so that it appears correctly everywhere?

Re: IOS sourced image orientation on page

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:47 pm
by Gryphen
I've tried just turning the image inside Serendipity, but that of course means that in one device its okauy, in the other its not.

Then I tried stripping the EXIF data of all the images using ExifPurge, but that didn't change anything.

The only thing that worked was to open the images in Photoshop, rotate them all (those affected) and then it was fine in both devices...

Is there an easier way that doesn't require me to do it for each photo?