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Day of the week abbreviations and wrong truncation by smarty

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:17 pm
by cebola
When installing s9y 1.6 in Portuguese I have noticed that the Portuguese two letter word abbreviation for Saturday in the calendar was coming out as "S?" when it should be "Sá". I tracked down this to a problem with the truncate function in Smarty which is not multibyte safe. The issue and a workaround can be found for instance at ... _truncate/
In my case the code was coming from /templates/bulletproof/plugin_calendar.tpl
Possibly other locales are affected. I have not fully checked.
Another related and very minor issue: Portuguese day of the week abbreviations with 2 letters are a bit weird as Wednesday and Thursday both end up as "Qu".

Possibly this is no longer present in the current code due to the adoption of Smarty 3.0. /templates/bulletproof/plugin_calendar.tpl is unchanged anyway.

João Palhoto Matos