[SOLVED] Links from Facebook turn "/" to "%2f" causing 404

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[SOLVED] Links from Facebook turn "/" to "%2f" causing 404

Post by SlidingHorn » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:30 pm

For the site I'm making, I've been sharing links to backlogged articles the group has written in their group on Facebook. The only problem is that FB creates their own link, and when it's clicked, theyr'e taken to index.php?%2Farchives%2Ftitle-of-post instead of index.php?/archives/title-of-post

Is there something I can do with .htaccess or elsewhere to automatically translate this?

UPDATE: This was simply an issue of not having URL rewriting properly configured. Enabling mod_rewrite for apache on the server & then setting the "URL Rewriting" to "Use apache mod_rewrite" in the back end configuration fixed the issue

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